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Con Demetriou Interview 5 Days Before The Flex Pro
Con Demetriou - Interview 5 Days Before The Flex Pro 2012
By Kostas Marangopoulos, M.Sc., CPT.
February 15th, 2012

Constantinos Demetriou Interview

Hi Con, how are you? Let's get started with your latest news. First of all, how do you feel right now? It’s 5 days out before the show; your first show for 2012, how are you feeling?

I’m feeling really, really strong, I’m doing some of my biggest lifts in the gym. I’m not trying to go heavy, I’m just so strong and I feel really healthy and it doesn’t even feel like I’m dieting this time. I seem to have a good combination of dieting and training and everything is falling into place.

What are you doing differently now that you didn’t do for your last show?

Well, I’m not following the classic bodybuilding guidelines, like for example, in my diet, I’m still eating steak twice a day and I do cardio at night time. What I do is I go to this huge hill in Lake Hollywood; I walk up and down the hill, so I do a really hard cardio session at night time. It’s allowed me to eat more food. I eat broccoli and chicken breasts, I am eating the 0% fat Greek yogurt, the really thick one, I put blueberries in there and it makes me feel really healthy and strong. It makes my stomach feel really good. I’ve been drinking coconut water, like fresh coconut. I crack them open myself and I drink it, I probably drink about 4 of them a day. I also eat a lot of vegetables, like spinach and bochoi. I’m still having protein shakes before I train. In fact, I had it today. I put 3 whole eggs, a whole banana, a big scoop of the Greek yogurt and a little bit of soy milk. I drink that before I train and it just gives me so much energy.

It sounds like you are doing the exact opposite of what a lot of other guys are doing, cutting out all of these things, like fruit and dairy.

Yeah, everyone says the dairy smoothes you out. I cut out the milk but I’m keeping the yogurt and I feel really healthy.

It's very interesting what you are doing because honestly not a lot of guys take that approach, eating all those foods.

And I drink pomegranate juice as well. In the off season, I drink pomegranate juice, which is high in potassium and antioxidants. It helps me stay really healthy.

Are you going to start cutting things out a few days before the show?

No, I’m not going to deplete at all but a day before the competition, 24 hours before, I’m going to really carb up.

Are you going to cut your water too?

I’m not going to cut my water, but the night before the show, I’m going to cut it out and switch to dry carbs, like rice cakes.

That’s a good approach I think because obviously, you’re looking a lot fuller than all the other times, and more muscular.

I think the other times; I cut out all this stuff, I depleted and then carbed up. It just made me look stringy and really flat. This time I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to spend less time carbing up, just do it for a day but not deplete.

Constantinos Demetriou 2011 Europa Super Show In Dallas
At the 2011 Europa Super Show in Dallas, in 7th place.

Going into the show, do you have a coach that’s helping you or you're just doing everything yourself?

No, I’m just doing everything myself. Erica, my girlfriend, cooks for me, trains with me as well and she helps me with my posing routine.

With the show now a few days away, seeing the competitor's list, what do you think is going to take place? Who has the most chances for the 2012 Flex Pro title?

Well, I think Lionel Byeke. He’s very impressive. Fouad Abiad looks really good too. I’ve competed against Shawn Rhoden as well. He’s not that big but he’s got a tiny tiny waist and he really comes in shredded. So, he’s very good. There are all different guys to look out for, all shapes and sizes; it’s going to be a good lineup.

Yeah, it sounds like a really fresh lineup with a lot of new guys, right?

Yeah, a good variety, not just mass monsters, but a variety of different shapes, everybody bringing something different to the stage. So, I don’t know how I’m going to fit in with these guys but I know that I’m going to be looking the best I’ve ever looked.

Absolutely, and I think with your symmetry and the increased muscularity, you’re going to do very well. In your most recent videos you look greatly improved, most than any other time.

Yeah, I think I’ll do well but like I said, there are some really good guys. I don’t know if I’ll place in the top 5 or not. I think anyone can win!

It's pretty much anyone's show at this point.

Yeah, that’s what makes it exciting, right?

Yeah, absolutely, and the first show of the season. This brings me to my next question, what's you opinion about the new IFBB Olympia qualifying rules?

You mean that only the first place finisher qualifies for the Olympia?

Yes. exactly.

I’m a bit disappointed about that.

I would like to hear your opinion on that, how to you see this change?

I thought I had a chance of making it to Olympia but now it feels like I don’t have much of a chance now. I’ll really have to step it up if I want to walk on that stage.

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Con Demetriou At The 2010 Orlando Pro
5th place finisher at the 2010 Orlando Pro Show

Do you think it’s going to make a lot of guys not want to compete or it’s going to make them want to step up their game and be their best in order to win a show?

Well, I think it’s gonna get a lot of the guys who are lazy and only compete once a year, they are going to have to compete probably several times a year to get to the Olympia. It will probably be better for the sport.

I hear a lot of different opinions on the subject. I think they should have gone maybe in the middle somewhere. Maybe allow the top 2 finishers to qualify in each show. These rules are very strict.

Last year, at the Olympia there were a few guys who didn’t look that good, and they shouldn’t have really been there. They were sort of lucky to get in. I think that’s what they’re trying to clean up.

Yes, that could very well be the primary reason.

Either that or they want to get the good guys to compete more often so it’s better for the promoters, sell more tickets.

I guess we’ll see as the year progresses. What are your plans after the Flex Pro?

I was planning on doing 6 shows this year. I was planning on doing all the shows in the U.S. I didn’t know the Orlando Europa was going to be on because it wasn’t listed so I didn’t register for that one. I’ve registered for all the other shows.

Are you going to be doing New York Pro?

Yeah, I’ll be doing New York Pro that will be my next show after this one.

Great, so we'll get to catch up then. Do you have any sponsors that you would like to mention?

No, no sponsorships at all. Maybe I could get the Greek yogurt company to sponsor me! (laughs)

Great idea! You have your videos up on Flex Online though, are you working with them?

No, I just asked Robin Chang if there was any way I could help promote the show because I’m in the area and he said it would be great to put some videos up on Flex, that’s how that came about.

I thought I saw you in some supplement ads if my memory serves me well.

I used to wear Labrada t-shirts all the time because they paid for some of my hotel bills, I did some work for them before.

But no main sponsorship? Do you have anybody else who’s helping you? Are you just paying for everything by yourself?

Yeah, I’m paying everything myself and with the help of my girlfriend, she’s my backbone. I’ve thought of giving up on it, and making money some other ways.

How’s your website going? I saw you’re doing some videos, all different things now.

Oh yeah my website is doing really well, believe it or not. I’m getting more and more members all the time. So, because I’m competing six times this year I’ll be in shape more often so it will look better for what I’m doing.

So leading up to the show, have you changed anything in your training as well?

No, training is normal. I run out of breath, I used to do a lot of triple sets, sort of drop sets, I stopped doing that because I kept losing my breath for some reason. Even though I’m doing the cardio, I’m losing my breath but my strength has gone through the roof. I was planning on doing a lot of drop sets leading up to the show but it’s going the opposite way. I’m actually training heavier and doing less reps.

How long is your contest prep? I know you are always staying pretty lean.

I try to stay extra lean in the off season this time. I usually get up to 265 pounds, this time I only got up to about 245, I think. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been dieting, I think it’s been about 6 weeks that I’ve been prepping.

How much do you weigh now and how much do you expect to weigh before the show?

This is the first time I have not weighed myself, I haven’t weighed myself since the Dallas show. If I jump on the scales and I weigh too light, it psyches me out and I eat more and I smooth out. My secret this time is I planned on not weighing myself and it actually worked. I focus on how I look instead.

So, you're just using the mirror as your guideline?

Yeah! I’m not even going to jump on the scales, I’ll probably jump on the scales when I come home from the competition. Like it would be nice to weigh myself in the morning of the competition but if I weigh too light it’ll just psyche me out so I’m not going to do it.

Yes definitely don't do it if you feel that way. Your latest video on Flex at one week out looks very impressive. Your legs are cut, you can see the cross striations everywhere.

Yeah, I’ve got all the definition there.

Honestly, it’s the best you've looked since I’ve followed your career the past three years.

Thank you Kosta, that makes me feel really good.

Absolutely, I’m being 100% honest and I say it as I see it, you look amazing, really. I think it's a show where you are going to do really well.

Thank you very much Kosta, it was a pleasure speaking with you again.

My pleasure Con. I want to wish you once again best of luck for Saturday's show and I'm sure you will do a terrific job.

I hope so, thank you.

For more information about Con, you can view his latest videos on FlexOnline.com or join him at his official "Con Demetriou Facebook fan page".

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