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    μου εφερε ενας φιλος ενα συμπληρωμα νιτρικου απο την συγκεκριμενη εταιρεια και εμεινε πολυ ευχαριστημενος....maxload λεγεται..η εταιρεια ειναι γερμανικη..εγω βρικα στοιχεια της απο το site...γνωμες κανεις?

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    αυτα ειναι τα στοιχεια του οπως τα βρηκα στο site....

    Burning hot intensity and explosive power expansion with Maxload ?!
    Nothing is more frustrating than putting time and efforts on training but not reaching the target findings. Start saving time by avoiding hundreds of hours of ineffective training sessions. Explosive muscle strength, an extreme Pump, long lasting strain, fast as lightning muscle regeneration and full mental concentration from the beginning until the end of your training, these are the attributes by which Maxload ? is able to support you completely. Maxload? has been created so that you can work out as intensive as possible in every one of your trainings. In short, with Maxload? you bring out the maximum out of each of your trainings to build up huge power in shortest time.

    Enforcer fuel-complex-unleashes frenetic power!
    Creatine-Ethyl-Ester-Malate, Creatine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate and Tri-Creatine-Malate have together a clearly higher muscle cell penetration. Maxload? combines this three powerful innovative Creatine forms to a revolutionary fuel-complex. This unique fusion makes sure that the Creatine molecules are taken into the muscle cells, stored and activated considerably faster and on an unprecedented amount. With Maxload? the full power of Creatine will be available for your muscles within only a few minutes, whereby your training intensity explodes and you can build fast muscle mass and strength. Because of newest proceedings in the Creatine research it has been possible to create this unique enforcer fuel-complex.

    The enforcer fuel-complex was completed with D-Ribose and Beta-Alanine additively to unleash frenetic power and strength. New research studies show that Ribose can fast up the ATP-production in the muscle many times over. The result is more power, strength and endurance as a shortened recovery. Beta-Alanine increases the pH-value in the muscle cells through an added synthesis of Carnosine, this is shown by newest study results. This way the acidity is being retarded and ATP can be build continuously. Baking resp. muscle fatigue applies considerably later whereby you reach maximum muscular power.

    Pure strength in its purest form!
    Before Creatine is changed in ATP, in order to fulfil its complete effect, it has to be reabsorbed in the bowel first and afterwards taken and stored in the muscle cell. The majority of all the conventional Creatine products is not successful by doing these highly complex processes. That is why flatulence, diarrhoea or other intestinal trouble are no rareness. It takes often several hours until coarse-grained and usual Creatine is taken in the body from the bowel. With Maxload ? on the other hand, the contained high-tech Creatine connections are taken in directly out of the bowel and transported to the muscle cells through the bloodstream.

    Because of its extremely high muscle cell penetration it is possible for Maxload ? to fill up your Creatine storage up to the maximum within the shortest time. That is why you will not have any more problems with using more and more heavy weights. You overcome annoying training-blockades faster and build up muscle mass continually.

    Nitric Oxide Boost-Matrix ? Maximizes the Pump at your training!
    Every ambitious bodybuilder knows, the more Pump at your training the merrier the muscles will grow faster. There is a strong Pump effect activated on cellular level through Nitric Oxide. It expands the blood vessels and signalises the muscles to grow. Through the strengthened blood circulation the muscle cells are supplied optimally with oxygen and simultaneously with a high amount of fuels. Exactly this is the reason why the Pump at your training is so decisive and does not only give you the feeling which lets your muscles seem bigger. Maxload ? combines the amino acids: Arginine Hydrochloride, Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate, L-Arginine L-Pyroglutamate, L-Citrulline and Ornithine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate in an exceedingly energetic boost-matrix. The combination of these five Nitric Oxide Boosters generates a gigantic and lasting Pump at your training, you will not want to train without anymore!

    Resist your natural limit of performance!
    During an intensive training the share in the lactic acid in the muscle cells increases rapidly. Who hasn?t ever felt impelled yet to abort a set because the muscle power failed? Through the acidity in the muscle cells the ATP production is impeded and as a result of that the supply with from the muscles coming energy is stopped. The consequence is a direct performance breaking, another repeat of the set is impossible. As in Maxload ? the revolutionary Carnosine-Booster Beta-Alanine is contained, which as studies show increase the Ph-Value in muscle cells through the synthesis of Carnosine, the acidity is being delayed and ATP can be produced further on. The result is that the burning and the muscle exhaustion occur considerably later. The advantage for you is that you can go far beyond your previous limits because the maximum power is available to you at each training set. Furthermore Beta-Alanine strengthens the effect of the in Maxload ? contained fuel-complex considerably. According to that it comes to a massive boost of intensity in your training when you use Maxload ?. The result of this intensity is that you can lift more weights, more repetitions, more sets and even shorter breaks in addition. That way you have everything what is necessary to increase the training intensity and to stimulate the muscle growing. You can say Beta-Alanine is a real all-rounder between the performance-enhancing active components.

    Metabolic catalysts enhance an anabolic metabolism!
    Maximum intensity is only possible when you do the repetition with 100% concentration. Not only your body but your soul hast to be ready to give everything in your training. Studies show that L-Tyrosine can increase the mental energy and reduce stress simultaneously. This third in Maxload ? contained nutrition matrix, composed of Taurine, L-Tyrosine, Guarana Extract, Betaine Hydrochloride and Cinnamon-extract, supports your metabolism and helps you to stay concentrated, wide awake and powerful even under most extreme exposure. Through the intake of Maxload ? body and soul melt to a powerful machine. It makes sure that you are completely in mentally and that you can execute each exercise with maximum concentration and energy.

    Anabolic Amino Formula- the 4 most important amino acids for your muscles!
    For the muscle building as for the increase of performance the branched chain amino acids (BCAA?s) Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine and L-Glutamine are the most important amino acid by far. During an intensive workout and muscle training the body uses huge amounts of L-Glutamine. A compensation of the Glutamine loss is for the body?s recovery very useful. L-Glutamine can therefore lead to an increase of performance as well as for the strength as for the endurance athlete through an adequate training. Glutamine and BCAA?s offer many advantages for the efficiency orientated athlete.

    Give always 110 per cent!
    A reporter once asked the Bulgarian world champion in weight lifting:" When you are training and stem a weight ten times, which one of the repetition is the most important? "He answered:" The 11th one." To give 110 per cent you have to try to beat yourself in every workout. Indeed the intensity with which you are training is the decisive factor to build muscle mass and strength as fast as possible. Everything you do to increase the intensity in your training, brings you nearer to your aim faster.

    Here is what Maxload ? can do for you:
    - explosive increase on muscle energy and training intensity
    - maximises the ATP-production on all levels
    - higher muscle cell penetration than conventional Creatine
    - maximum satiety
    - leads to maximum gain in power and strength speed
    - is available to the muscles already within minutes
    - increases energy, endurance, strength, performance and coordination
    - no water storage, flatulence, muscle cramps
    - 100% stabile, no loading, no cycles, no adverse reactions
    - Reduces the building of lactic acid (muscle burning)
    - Activates all muscle fibres for maximum growth stimulation
    - Increases Nitric Oxide for massive Pump in your training
    - Makes muscles visibly fuller, bigger and harder
    - Maximises the ATP-and Creatine production in the muscle cells
    - Fastens muscle building and shortens recovery
    - Increases growth hormone and Testosterone in your training
    - Optimises the cooperation of body and soul
    - Increases mental energy and concentration
    - Enhances inner peace and reduces stress

    Consumption recommendation:
    Solve one portion Maxload ?(20g) in #188;-1/2 litre water. Agitate well and drink it as possible on an empty stomach.
    Consumption on training days: Take one portion right after you get up in the morning on an empty stomach and one portion about 30 minutes before your training.
    Consumption on training-free days: Take one portion right after you get up in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Enforcer fuel-complex per 100g powder:
    2000 mg Creatine Monohydrate 100%
    2000 mg Creatine Alpha Ketoglutarate
    2000 mg Creatine Monohydrate Ethyl Ester
    2000 mg Tri-Creatine Malate
    2000 mg D-Ribose
    1000 mg Beta-Alanine

    Nitric Oxide strengthening-matrix per 100g powder
    2000 mg L-Arginine Hydrochloride
    2000 mg L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
    2000 mg L-Arginine l-Pyroglutamate
    1000 mg L-Citrulline
    1000 mg Ornithine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate

    Metabolic promoter per 100g powder:
    1000 mg Taurine
    1000 mg L-Tyrosine
    1000 mg Betaine Hydrochloride
    1000 mg Guarana Extract
    750 mg Cinnamon-Extract (MHCP)

    Anabolic Amino Formula per 100g powder:
    2000 mg L-Leucine
    2000 mg L-Isoleucine
    2000 mg L-Valine
    2000 mg L-Glutamine

    Minerals per 100g powder: (*Recommended daily amount)
    200 mg Sodium
    382 mg Potassium
    353 mg Calcium (44%)*
    407 mg Magnesium (136%)*
    167 mg Phosphorus (21%)*
    18 mg Ferric (125%)*
    18 mg Zinc (122%)*
    709?g Copper
    647?g Manganese
    50?g Chromium
    194 ?g Iodine (130%)*
    36, 3 ?g Selenium

    Vitamins per 100g powder:
    1163, 6 ?g Vitamin A (145%)*
    14, 5 mg Vitamin E (145%)*
    2, 0 mg Vitamin B1 (146%)*
    2, 5 mg Vitamin B2 (154%)*
    26, 2 mg Vitamin B3 (146%)*
    8, 9 mg Vitamin B5 (148%)*
    2, 9 mg Vitamin B6 (146%)*
    0, 2 mg Biotine (148%)*
    297, 1 ?g Folic acid (149%)*
    1, 5 ?g Vitamin B12 (145%)*
    79, 3 mg Vitamin C (132%)*
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    βοηθεια παιδια κανεις σχετικα με τα συστατικα???

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    απο οτι δειχνουν τα συστατικα του ειναι ενα κλασικό συμπληρωμα Ν.Ο. κρεατινη,αργινινη,καφεινη,μεταλλα ,βιταμινες κλπ.Θελει δοκιμη για να δεις τι γινεται.
    Πιστευω ομως σαν συστατικα υπαρχουν και καλύτερα προιόντα.

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    εχει δυνατα συστατικα φιλε μου αλλα η εταιρια δεν μου φαινεται αξιοπιστη..επισης υπαρχουν πολυ καλυτερα νιτρικα οπως της ΒSN η GASPARI..
    keep going.be strong

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    σιγουρα υπαρχουν καλυτερα....το θεμα ειναι κατα ποσο ειναι καλυτερα ή οι διαφημηση τα κανει να ειναι....παντως μου το προτειναν για πολυ καλο....παρεπιπτοντως η εταιρεια ειναι γερμανικη και στο site της εχει πολυ καλα συμπληρωματα...ευχαριστω παντως..

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    Τα συμπληρώματα IRONMAXX τα χρησιμοποιώ εδώ και 4 μήνες και έχω δεί πολύ καλά αποτελέσματα. Το συγκεκριμένο δεν το έχω χρησιμοποιήσει και δεν μπορώ να εκφέρω άποψη αλλά από τα συστατικά του, θεωρώ πως δεν έχει να ζηλέψεο κάτι από ανταγωνιστικά προιόντα. Πρόκειται για μία Γερμανική εταιρία με τους πιο αυστηρούς ελέγχους. Προσέξτε για μερικά που παρουσιάζονται ως Αμερικάνικα και έχουν πρώτες ύλες από κίνα και Ταιλάνδη. Το έχω ψάξει το θέμα αρκετά, όχι διότι η IRONMAXX είναι σπόνσοράς μου αλλά επειδή επιλέγω με αυστηρά κριτήρια τι βάζω στο σώμα μου. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες μπείτε στο site www.ironmaxx.de
    5 time Greek National Fitness Champion
    Team Bodybuilders.gr
    www.mυsclemax.gr sponsored athlete

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    ξερεις κανεις που μπορω να βρω απο ελλαδα συπμληρωματα ιρονμαχχ ? φιλε εσυ που λες οτι δεν ειναι αξιοπιστη η ιρονμαχχ εισαι πολυ λαθος μαλλον δεν την γνωριζεις....


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