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    Default Γλυκαιμικός Δείκτης Τροφών Και Μείωση Λίπους

    Γλυκαιμικός Δείκτης Και Μείωση Λίπους

    Ολοι μας γνωριζουμε το γλυκαιμικο δεικτη και το ποσο μπορει να βοηθησει με την απωλεια λιπους. Παρ'ολα αυτα, εχουν αρχισει να βγαινουν νεες ερευνες οι οποιες λενε οτι ενω ο γλυκαιμικος δεικτης σιγουρα βοηθαει στον ελεγχο των επιπεδων ζαχαρου στο αιμα, δεν ειναι ενα τοσο αποτελεσματικο "εργαλειο" για απωλεια βαρους.


    No effect of a diet with a reduced glycaemic index on satiety, energy intake and body weight in overweight and obese women. Aston, LM, Stokes CS, Jebb SA. International Journal of Obesity. January 2008. Vol 32. pp 160-165.MRC Human Nutrition Research, Elsie Widdowson Laboratory, Cambridge, UK

    Objective: To investigate whether a diet with a reduced glycaemic index (GI) has effects on appetite, energy intake, body weight and composition in overweight and obese female subjects. Design: Randomized crossover intervention study including two consecutive 12-week periods. Lower or higher GI versions of key carbohydrate-rich foods (breads, breakfast cereals, rice and pasta/potatoes) were provided to subjects to be incorporated into habitual diets in ad libitum quantities. Foods intended as equivalents to each other were balanced in macronutrient composition, fibre content and energy density.

    Subjects: Nineteen overweight and obese women, weight-stable, with moderate hyperinsulinaemia (age: 34?65 years, body mass index: 25?47 kgm2, fasting insulin: 49?156 pmol l1). Measurements: Dietary intake, body weight and composition after each 12-week intervention. Subjectively rated appetite and short-term ad libitum energy intake at a snack and lunch meal following fixed lower and higher GI test breakfasts (GI 52 vs 64) in a laboratory setting.

    Results: Free-living diets differed in GI by 8.4 units (55.5 vs 63.9), with key foods providing 48% of carbohydrate intake during both periods. There were no differences in energy intake, body weight or body composition between treatments. On laboratory investigation days, there were no differences in subjective ratings of hunger or fullness, or in energy intake at the snack or lunch meal.

    Conclusion: This study provides no evidence to support an effect of a reduced GI diet on satiety, energy intake or body weight in overweight/obese women. Claims that the GI of the diet per se may have specific effects on body weight may therefore be misleading.
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    "Bodybuilding isn't the thing. It's the thing that gets us to the thing." ~ K.M.

    "Να θυμάστε ότι αυτό που κάνετε είναι κάτι που ελάχιστοι άνθρωποι στον κόσμο έχουν τη δύναμη της θέλησης ή την αποφασιστικότητα να πραγματοποιήσουν. Χρειάζεται κάτι πολύ περισσότερο από τη σωματική μας δύναμη για να χτίσουμε και να σμιλέψουμε το σώμα μας. Χρειάζεται και μια τεράστια ποσότητα πνευματικής δύναμης, και αυτό είναι που οι υπόλοιποι άνθρωποι πραγματικά ζηλεύουν. Πάρτε το ως κοπλιμέντο, διότι ξεχωρίζετε μέσα σε ένα πλήθος ακολούθων."

    "Just remember that you are doing something that so few people in the world have the will power or determination to do. It takes much more than physical strength for us to build and sculpt our bodies. It takes an enormous amount of mental strength as well, and that's what people are truly jealous of. Take it as a compliment, for you stand out in a crowd full of followers."

    "You got a dream, you gotta protect it. If people can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can't do it. If you want something, go get it. Period." ~ Chris Gardner

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    Originally posted by MuscleMar

    Free-living diets differed in GI by 8.4 units (55.5 vs 63.9), with key foods providing 48% of carbohydrate intake during both periods.

    Μηπως η διαφορα στο γλυκαιμικο δεικτη των επιλεγμενων τρφων ειναι σχετικα μικρη για να αποφανθει κανεις αν τελικα οι low GI τροφες βοηθουν στην απωλεια λιπους ή οχι?

    Θελω να πω οτι η ερευνα συνεκρινε τροφες με GI 55 & GI 63,9... Διωρθωστε με αν κανω λαθος, αλλα αυτες οι 8,4 μοναδες διαφορας μεταξυ το συγρινομενων γευματων δεν ειναι λιγακι..λιγες?
    32 - 1.85 cm

    " , !"


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